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Why LoFat ?

28 April, 2010
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Why Lofat ?

Because they are successful ?


Because they are batter than health stop ?


Because they have 5 branches ?


Because they have 2 diet centers ?


is it Because behind this successful business a entrepreneur that created it from the scratch ? not like other ppl

who ever behind this I’m begging you to keep doing it .. cuz it only means that Lofat is a great and brilliant Kuwaiti idea.

for those of you who doesn't know whats going on plz read this two post Here and Here
  1. 12 May, 2010 6:29 pm

    I don’t know why???
    and I don’t care to be frank!!!

    I am only commenting because of two itty bitty mistakes you made in your post.

    first, Lo Fat is a copycat from Health Watchers!!! nothing more and nothing less. so it’s not the creation of an entrepreneur!!!
    Second, the food maybe delicious, but it’s not useful to lose weight!!!

    It seems that you are passionate about Lo Fat, you maybe friends with the owner, but don’t let the issue cloud your judgment.

    anyways, I hope they get out of their ordeal. and wish Lo Fat all the best.


  2. Zuech permalink*
    13 May, 2010 2:05 pm

    I beg to differ !!

    the mistakes that your talking about it may be considered mistakes in your opinion but i want to make things clear here …

    first, LoFat is not a copycat of health watchers because health watchers is a diet and a weight watching center and they started their business as a diet center. in the other hand LoFat started a new concept in Kuwait if you didn’t know that !! they started the commercial healthy food restaurants and their competitor is Health Stop who started their business after LoFat in case you didn’t know that info. so yea he is an entrepreneur !!
    also because of the success of LoFat brilliant idea he started a new business to compete with health watchers and diet center and diet care, they called it LoFat lifestyle and again its a success !!

    secondo, you cant say that about their food unless you are a nutrition or some lab geek !!

    anyways, I hope you can see things clearly now cuz what ever happened to LoFat is unfair !!

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